Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why hello thar.

This post is looooonnnnnnggggggg over due, and I apologize. It is nearly the end of January, but I hope everyone had a really great holiday nonetheless. I don't know about everyone else, but my '09 was not the greatest so I'm really excited for '10 and I have really high expectations. Since the new year, I've passed my Body Modification Technician exam and am now officially LICENSED! Which is good 'cause that means more work around the shop for me to do, like set up and tear down the boys' rooms post tattoo. No big deal. I have also established an apprenticeship with body piercer, Rob W. Tomkins, who owns his own shop out in Dauphin. I've been doing research assignments so far but I am REALLY excited to get hands on with this!
Aside from myself, the shop has been doing good. Lots of cool tattoos have come and gone since the new year, and many more are in the works. As I speak, Brito is finishing up a dragon chest piece (I've posted pictures of it before) on a client (who apparently sits really well with no complaints, which is awesome!). I know Sean started working on a really awesome Medusa piece on the weekend but since I do not work on weekends, I can't exactly tell you how that went and I also have not seen it yet. I'm pretty sure it's still in progress though.
Now that the new year has settled in and I'm done spending all day at work studying and doing homework (for now), keeping up with the blog should come a lot easier, haha. I'll be sure to post some pictures soon, so stay posted.


  1. I'm the one with the Medusa piece and it went really well. :) The majority of outlining and shading was finished and I'm coming back at the end of February to get the colour done.

    - Holly

  2. 2010 is going to be a motherfucker, so you know it'll be dope. i have never heard a bad mother fucking story.