Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's been a while!

The shop's been busy and I apologize for not keeping up with the blog! Christmas is coming and business is picking up a bit, which is good of course. I don't know about everyone else but I am always BROKE around this time of year, although it's awesome to see that people still have the funds to come in and get tattooed even with Christmas creeping around the corner. And speaking of Christmas, just a reminder that we still have gift certificates available, so come get them while you can!
Even more good news: I have some photos of some recent work the guys have done for everyone to check out!

I wish I could arrange the pictures better and more to my liking but it happens to be very difficult...
The Anarchy chick right at the top is a piece Sean is finishing up for a client today and again, I'll get some pictures up of that once it's finished as well.
The Marilyn Manson up there is MY latest tattoo (not a big deal or anything) as of yesterday and is courtesy of Sean! It's on my inner bicep, was extremely painful to sit through and I am still in pain today, but looks AMAZING (clearly). There's still one more session to go to finish up but I will be sure to post some pictures once it's done.
The free-hand forearm piece was actually done on a friend of mine by Brito and turned out amazing; everyone loves it and Brito did his thing and beat all expectations, including mine! It's no doubt a very impressive piece.
Another piece done recently by sir Brito is the peony, which was done on the elbow and the colours look great!

Stay posted for more pics and updates!


  1. peony photo courtesy of our favorite photographer aly lenheardt.