Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pizza Party!

Aly, a friend of Sean and Brito's and the girl who had my current job before I was hired, is here taking pictures for a photography school project. While she's capturing Sean in his environment (tattooing; a touch up on a foot/leg piece), Brito is discussing a really cool tower piece with a client who just booked in for Friday.
On a whole other note, we decided to have a pizza party today for lunch. Excitement all around.
But aside from pizza, I have pictures of some recent work done by the boys to post.
Check it out!

The blue skull is one of Brito's latest pieces that is still in progress, but looking awesome so far.
The picture of the mermaid piece was taken after a client's first session and was done by Sean.
Pictures of the pieces after they're complete will definitely be up as soon as possible, so stay tuned to check 'em out.


  1. Here is my blog post with a few pictures I took while I was there! Thanks for the pizza boys!