Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where's Brito?!

Brito headed to Costco to pick up some stuff we need around the shop and it feels like he's been gone forever! But in all reality, it's been about an hour since he left. While Brito's out running errands, Sean just got started on a Japanese dragon piece (pictures above) on Mike, who is a member of local hip-hop group Brakada, and I'm sure he'll be working on it all day. No doubt that it's going to be quite impressive once it's complete.
Other than that, the day feels like it has just begun; there haven't even been any phone calls or clients walk in! It is barely 2:00 though, so hopefully that'll change. Maybe it's just that time of year where people feel they can't afford to get tattooed, after all Christmas is just around the corner and is likely going to creep up and be here before we realize it, like every year. Well, that's how it always is for me anyway. Speaking of Christmas, I believe gift cards for the shop are in the process of being made/printed and should be available quite soon; in time for Christmas for sure. As far as I know, each gift card will be worth 1 hour of work done here at the shop and would obviously make a great gift for nearly anyone on your Christmas shopping list this year, especially because for the Christmas season only, you'll save 25% on the hour which the gift card is for. Come on now, that's a sweet deal.
Anyway, Brito just returned with all the important supplies for the shop, such as a huge case of Red Bull (obviously very important to have at any work place), so I'm gonna wrap this up for now, hope everyone has a great day!

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