Thursday, October 22, 2009


Just Brito and I at the shop here today and what a day it is. A 5 year old - oops, sorry, I mean 20 year old...boy came in for his appointment today when all hell broke loose. The tattoo he originally requested was an angel with fireballs but the reference he brought in was not the greatest, so Brito drew up something else, I mean better (picture above). The client seemed okay with it (might I add that Brito and I sensed quite the attitude from said client initially), but wanted the face to look 'angrier'; GRR! So, Brito goes back to draw said angrier face (bottom right corner of picture above) and while he's doing this, the client is flipping through a flash book we have here at the shop, stops, and says to his mom that he wants the bio-mech type design from the book INSTEAD of the angel. At this point, it's like, whatever, so Brito goes to scan the picture from the book when the clients dad cuts in and starts questioning his decision, asking why he would want a random design from a book etc., and Brito finally asks if the client would like to re-schedule his appointment so he has some more time to think about something that will be on his body forever, y'know not like it's a big deal or anything. The kid says, "Yeah fine, whatever, I guess I just won't get a tattoo", and storms out of the shop, leaving his parents behind to discuss why re-scheduling the appointment would be in the client's best interest. DRAMA! Seriously, I know some spoiled kids but that episode was nothing like I'd seen before. Anyway, so now Brito has an opening and we are hoping someone will fill it, maybe there will be a walk in or something. But really people, if you can come in with one idea and then see some random design in a flash book that you'd rather get instead, I have to question your decision to get a tattoo. Your mind definitely shouldn't change that quickly if you really want something, when it comes to something that'll be on your body forever anyway.
But hopefully the day will only get better from here and we'd love to see someone fill this opening! I'll be sure to update later if anything changes here, have a great day everyone!

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  1. I can feel your pain. So often I've told parents that if they don't want their child to get a piercing than just don't sign the consent form. I'm not sure when people decided that having family arguments in public arenas is exceptable behaviour but frankly it sucks!
    Hope your day got better.